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Annual Graduation and Awards Ceremony

Our very first graduation ceremony of the day has just started! Congratulations to all those who are graduating this morning as part of the Sri Botanic Learning Academy and Collinz International full time learning program.

"The teachers are good! Not only are they friendly, but are able to impart their knowledge to each and everyone of us effectively. They spend their time understanding us, and if we need extra help academically, it would surprise me if they refused. Being here, despite tons of homework, I felt the most enjoyable throughout my entire high school life." - Student testimonial by Eunice Wong

"Within one year and 5 months, we finished our IGCSE. Definitely it was a very tough and challenging journey. The race between us and time was always on. I believe I'm very blessed because I have a team of teachers who are understanding, gifted and sometimes humorous. Not only us students, but also the teachers and our headmaster put a lot of effort into forming a well-rounded school. I really appreciate what this school has done for us. " - Student testimonial by Gan Chee Ming

Master of Ceremonies for this year Annual Graduation and Awards Ceremony 2017.

Breathtaking magic performance by one of our talented student.

The McD Cup magic performance with a student volunteer.

Speech given by Mr. Su, one of our core coordinator and advisor.

"Being a part of the 1st batch at Sri Botanic was truly a gift; it was always like a family. Entering Year 10 without a solid foundation of the key stage 3 was not only hard but an emotionally challenging moment. I have to say that the teachers have stood by and guided me throughout my high school journey. Ms Mano, our math teacher, always patiently teaches again and again until we have completely grasped the idea of math.

Ms Sharon, went out of her way and gave us lots of extra physics and chemistry classes just to ensure that we have completely understood the lessons. Mr Rajesh, a very fun and outgoing teacher not only made our biology classes effective but fun at the same time. Mr Theven, thank you for not only helping me academically but also in advising and encouraging me to achieve greater heights.

Ms Yee, thank you for always correcting our English, marking our essays and teaching us to be independent. Not forgetting our dearest principal, Mr Randall, thank you for your unending support and motivation. You're the friendliest, kindest and greatest principal I've ever met. Thank you for replying our add maths doubts at 12 am, even if it is not schooling hours. I will forever be thankful for having the opportunity to study at Sri Botanic as it has prepared me for the next chapter of my life." - Student testimonial by Sumithra Kumar

Fantastic K-Pop dance performance by our amazing students.

Speech given by Mr. Randall, our jolly and bright school principal from Sri Botanic Learning Academy.

"It's time to say goodbye as our secondary school year has come to an end. We as the first batch of Sri Botanic is officially graduating and to continue moving on towards our future. It has been a fun-filled journey for us as we had an amazing team of teachers that guided us throughout. We deeply appreciate the help and dedication of our teachers and would like to thank you all, we couldn't have done it without you! Happy Graduation to my fellow Year 11 friends!" - Student testimonial by Ryan Tan

Graduating Year 11 students from Sri Botanic Learning Academy.

Graduating Year 11 students from Collinz International.

Top IGCSE Scorer for Sri Botanic Learning Academy.

Top IGCSE Scorer for Collinz International.

Student who have achieved Perfect Attendance School Award Certificate from Sri Botanic Learning Academy & Collinz International .

Here are some of our Highly valued and well-educated teachers that are the backbone of our successful school systems.

"I may have not been with this school for long, but with the help of the many patient teachers and friendly students, I managed to learn many things, not only academically, but also many things outside from the class room. This school also proved to me that the relationship between the students and the teachers could be boundless." - Student testimonial by Ding Qiao Wei

INTI College are also here to guide students to learn about career options in their field, and how their personality works with their potential career.


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